1. What is EShakti?

The project aims at digitisation of all the SHG accounts to bring SHG members under the fold of Financial Inclusion thereby helping them access wider range of financial services together with increasing the bankers’ comfort in credit appraisal and linkage.

2. When was it started?
3. Where is it being implemented?
4. What is the phase wise and district wise status of implementation?
5. Who are the stakeholders in this project?
6. What is the objective of this project?
7. What is EShakti mobile App?
8. What are the reports available under EShakti?
9. Who can login on this portal?
10. How can Banks participate in this project?
11. What are the benefits for a Banker?
12. Who is the technical service provider for this project?
13. What is the process involved for digital data aggregation of SHGs under this project?
14. How can NGOs associate with this project?
15. What are the benefits to SHGs?
16. How are SHGs data collected and uploaded?
17. How is data authenticity ensured?
18. What do we mean by ‘animator’ and who can be animators?
19. Can a Bank Sakhi/ Bank Mitra/ BC be an animator?
20. What is meant by ‘SHGs onboarded’ or ‘SHGs digitised’?
21. What is ‘SHGs on Mobile’?
22. What is ‘SHGs Live’?
23. How can a Banker login on this portal and view various reports of SHGs?
24. How can a Banker sanction the e-loan application of SHGs?
25. Where can a Bank request for creating ‘Username & Password’?
26. Can I have access to the reports as an individual?
27. How do I get an access right?
28. What are the helpline numbers for resolution of issues of animators or SHGs?
29. I forgot my login password. What should I do?
30. How can Implementing Agencies download and print the ‘SHG monthly statements’?
31. How can Implementing Agencies monitor the monthly uploads of animators?
32. How can DDMs track the usage of handsets deployed in the field?
33. What is master data?
34. Who can upload master data?
35. What is master data audit?
36. Who does the audit of data under EShakti?
37. What is transaction data?
38. Who uploads the transaction data?
39. Can a SHG member upload its data on EShakti app?
40. What is transaction audit and who does this?
41. Who can download this EShakti app from the playstore?
42. What is PIMC?
43. What is the objective of PIMC?
44. How to add or delete SHG member from the App?
45. If there is no internet connectivity, how to upload SHG monthly transaction data?
46. Is there any manual or video lesson to guide the animators for monthly SHG transaction upload through handset?
47. If there is a wrong entry made and the statement is uploaded on App by the animator, how can this be rectified?
48. If there are technical issues in upload of data, where can IAs/ animators seek help?
49. If SHG members are not receiving SMS on SHG meeting transaction updates on their phone, how can this be resolved?
50. When a Bank sanctions the SHG e-loan application, how is SHG informed?
51. If a Bank does not sanction the SHG e-loan application for a period, can other Bank sanction this loan, if found eligible?
52. How is SHG graded? Is it dynamic?
53. What is the criteria of identifying SHGs as ‘credit linked’?
Annexure - I
Annexure - II

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