1. What is EShakti and Digitisation?

EShakti consists of two word E-Electronic and Shakti-Power. It means empower. A project on Digitisation of Self Help Groups’ (SHGs) financial and non-financial records initiated by NABARD for various stakeholders who are working in the field of microfinance.

2. Who are the end users?
3. How do I benefit from it?
4. What are the reports available from EShakti?
5. How do I generate and view the report?
6. Can I download and save the report for future reference?
7. Can I have access to the reports as an individual?
8. How do I get an access right?
9. I had a major problem. What can I do?
10. How do I generate the financial performance for a particular SHG?
11. How do I know whether a particular SHG is credit worthy?
12. Can I have a consolidated report of SHG linked to a bank in a particular area?
13. How authentic is the data and report?
14. I forgot my login password. What should I do?
15. How useful is the project for line deptts?
16. How secure is the data server?
17. What does the green and blue bubbles signify?

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